Breach And Attack Simulation

Breach and attack simulation (BAS) technology pretends to be an attacker in order to test a network’s cyber defenses. These automated tools run simulated attacks to measure the effectiveness of a company’s prevention, detection and mitigation capabilities. For example, the software might simulate a phishing attack on a company’s email systems, a cyberattack on the company’s web application firewall (WAF), attempted data exfiltration, lateral movement within networks or a malware attack on an endpoint. Most of the tools can run 24×7 in order to provide alerts whenever a change to the network results in potential vulnerabilities or risk. Some provide the ability to run scheduled mock attacks, and some can run surprise mock attacks in order to gauge a security operations center’s capabilities. Some also incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to launch more sophisticated attacks over time or to analyze data on a company’s cybersecurity posture.

Keysight Technologies

Threat Simulator is a breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing.

SecOps teams trust Threat Simulator to not only simulate the cyber attack kill-chain, but also to analyze security spend and deliver dynamic remediation recommendations.


Safebreach helps security teams ensure their security controls and processes are effective against real world attackers by continuously challenging their security controls and providing an automated way to reduce the risk of future breaches.

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