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Revolutionary Data Security and Encryption Management


Securing Data Everywhere with Advanced Encryption and Key Management Solutions

Fortanix reshapes cybersecurity with its innovative approach to data encryption and key management. Their solutions offer a unique blend of security and efficiency, safeguarding sensitive data across various platforms.Specializing in Runtime Encryption® technology, Fortanix offers a unique approach to securing data across its entire lifecycle.

Layer 8 Solutions is proud to partner with Fortanix, a pioneer in Runtime Encryption® technology, to enhance data security across platforms. This collaboration brings Fortanix’s cutting-edge data encryption and key management solutions to our clients, ensuring top-level security and efficient data management throughout its lifecycle.


Unmatched Data Protection

Fortanix’s Runtime Encryption® ensures data is always encrypted, even when in use.

Compliance & Privacy

Meet stringent compliance requirements and protect customer privacy with advanced data security measures

Scalable Security


Fortanix’s solutions are designed to scale with your business, providing robust security regardless of data volume

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a variety of industries and use cases, from financial services to healthcare


Self-Defending Key Management Service (SDKMS)

Secure Multi-Cloud Key and Secret Management

Fortanix’s Key Management Service (KMS) enhances secure management of crypto keys, certificates, and secrets across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. It provides flexible deployment options and thorough lifecycle management, ensuring robust data protection and compliance for organizations.

Data Security Manager (DSM)

Centralizing Data Security and Compliance

Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) offers a unified platform for comprehensive data security, streamlining breach prevention and compliance. It’s an all-in-one solution for encryption, tokenization, and key management, enhancing cybersecurity with a data-first approach.

Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager

Elevated Security for Data-in-Use

Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager delivers top-tier security for data-in-use, enabling encrypted computing environments that safeguard application and data integrity. Tailored for organizations prioritizing data privacy, it provides advanced encryption for secure data processing.

Fortanix Runtime Encryption®

Securing Data in Use

Fortanix Runtime Encryption ensures data remains encrypted during processing, enabling secure operations in untrusted environments like public clouds. This technology transforms the security landscape by encrypting data in use, a crucial advancement for protecting sensitive workloads.

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Transform your approach to data security with Fortanix. Contact Layer 8 Solutions to explore how Fortanix can provide unparalleled protection for your sensitive data, ensuring compliance and peace of mind in a data-driven world.