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Operational Technology Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

TXOne Networks

Safeguarding your OT operation with OT-native solutions to secure assets for their entire life cycle.

TxOne Networks is a leading innovator in industrial cybersecurity, delivering dependable solutions to safeguard critical infrastructure and industrial operations. Their expertise in addressing the distinct challenges of these environments positions them as a vital ally in fortifying industrial systems against complex cyber threats.

Layer 8 Solutions is excited to partner with TxOne Networks, bringing their cutting-edge industrial cybersecurity solutions to our portfolio. This strategic alliance allows us to offer enhanced protection for critical infrastructures and industrial systems, leveraging TxOne’s expertise in combating the unique challenges of industrial cyber threats. Our combined efforts aim to provide unparalleled security for industries at the forefront of cyber risk, ensuring resilient defences against evolving threats.


Tailored Industrial Security

Specifically designed for the unique requirements of industrial environments

Advanced Threat Protection

Safeguarding industrial networks with real-time threat detection 

Operational Continuity

Ensure minimal disruption, maintaining operational continuity even under threat.

Comprehensive Visibility

Unparalleled insight into your industrial network’s security posture, with detailed analytics and reporting features

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates with existing industrial setups without necessitating major infrastructural changes



Advanced Firewall Protection for OT Networks

A next-generation firewall designed specifically for Operational Technology (OT) environments, ensuring efficient cyber defence for daily operations. Its powerful engine simplifies threat combat, making it an essential tool for robust OT network protection.


Streamlined Protection for OT Environments

Engineered to fortify the security of individual assets and small production zones with its seamless deployment, offering critical OT visibility and protocol filtering. This solution blends into existing networks without disruption, enhancing operational continuity and security with minimal setup.


Proactive Endpoint Security for Operational Technology

Advanced endpoint protection tailored for OT environments, focusing on preemptive threat prevention to maintain operational continuity. Its Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR) approach blocks unexpected system changes before they impact operations, ensuring operational focus and security without compromise.

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Strengthen your industrial cybersecurity with TXOne’s tailored solutions through Layer 8 Solutions. To see how TXOne can protect your networks and ensure operational safety, get in touch with us today!