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Clarity in Every Layer: Our Suite of Network Visibility Solutions

Layer 8 Solutions

Network Visibility


Welcome to the epicenter of network visibility at Layer 8 Solutions. We’re in the business of illuminating the unseen, transforming network obscurity into clarity.

Our Network Visibility Solutions are designed to provide a comprehensive view of your network traffic. We leverage cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to mirror your network traffic and feed it to various Network Monitoring and Security tools. This involves network “Taps” and “Packet Brokers”, both physical and cloud-based.

Visibility Features

Network Taps

Our network taps provide a non-intrusive method to access and monitor your network data, ensuring no packet is overlooked.

Packet Brokers

Our packet brokers intelligently filter and distribute network traffic to your monitoring and security tools, maximizing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud-Based Solutions

We offer cloud-based visibility solutions to ensure seamless monitoring of your network traffic, even in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.



Improved Network Performance

By providing a clear view of your network traffic, our visibility services help you identify and address performance bottlenecks.



Enhanced Security

Our services enable your security tools to access all necessary data, improving threat detection and response.



Informed Decision Making

With comprehensive visibility, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your network operations.

Our Partners

Network Visibility Solutions


We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Gigamon, Keysight, and Profitap to bring you top-tier solutions. But our role doesn’t stop at reselling; we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that address your unique network challenges.

Partnering with Layer 8

Why Choose Layer 8

Unparalleled Expertise, Tailored Visibility Solutions

Our Visibility Solutions

Our team of seasoned IT professionals are your ally. We’re not just salespeople; we’re technical experts dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of network visibility. We’re here to help you understand your network traffic, identify potential risks, and mitigate those risks before they escalate.

Whether you’re struggling with network performance issues, security blind spots, or the complexities of monitoring a hybrid network, our visibility services offer a solution. We empower you to gain control over your network, enhancing performance, security, and operational efficiency.

How It Works

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your network environment and visibility needs. We’ll then design and implement a custom solution using our state-of-the-art network taps and packet brokers. Post-implementation, we offer ongoing support to ensure your continued success.

The Layer 8 Advantage

We’re not your run-of-the-mill tech company. We’re a team of tech enthusiasts who are as passionate about network visibility as you are. We’re technical, we’re personable, and we’re respected in the industry. Welcome to Visibility Services at Layer 8 Solutions, where we turn network obscurity into clarity.


Ready to gain unparalleled insight into your network traffic? Reach out to us today! We’re eager to collaborate with you and help you gain a deeper understanding of your network. Let’s illuminate the unseen together.